DVRT Complex Workout

edit 1_5908-2This exercise routine might be called a complex, but it’s actually quite an easy concept to grab.  A complex is a sequence of exercises performed back to back, without rest, using one piece of equipment.  The exercise sequence below follows a natural flow, as each body position sets you up for the next exercise.

So grab your Ultimate Sandbag and lets get started!

Perform the following exercises in sequence for 10 reps each,

Set the timer for 20 mins and see how many rounds of this you can perform.
1. USB Sprinters Stance Squat with T-Spine Fwd Lunge *5 each leg
2. USB Good Morning
3. USB Bent Over Row
4. USB Bearhug Jump Squat

The weight and size of your bag will be determined by your weakest exercise – in this video you see me using a green strength bag of 40lbs, and I was tired at the end of this.
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It’s such a great way to exercise, as you don’t need to set up equipment between exercises, with the net result being a short, effective, efficient workout that is perfect for your cardio conditioning – this type of metabolic resistance training is also the perfect way to workout for fat loss too.
So head outside in this beautiful sunshine and get working! 
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