WOW!! Workout Of The Week – BEAR WITH ME BABY

Spring has sprung and people are moving!

Have you noticed that when the weather improves, it also seems to improve our moods? We feel like anything is possible, with the added rejuvenation that April brings with it.

My fitness business tends to peak at this time of year too. I feel in the fitness industry there are 3 new beginnings:

January – of course!
April – Spring is in the air and bikini season is around the corner!
September – OK time to work off all those extra Summer beers!

Whatever your motivation, it’s good to keep moving all year round. And seriously, you don’t have to work that hard to stay in good shape. I am constantly running around between clients, kids, blog-posts, laundry, making dinner, performing circus tricks – you know, just the same as you! So I don’t always have an hour or more to workout.

This week when it was a little colder I did this great 20 min workout using the Ultimate Sandbag and kettlebell. I am training for my RKC Kettlebell Instructor Certification in October and really need to get started on specific training plan, but for now I just put in a few sneaky kettlebell snatches to see how it felt.

Today I am teaming up with the wee firecracker Annmarie from FitFoodieMama for Wild Workout Wednesday, please check her out and it will start you on a journey of a thousand workout blogs!! Each week you will find some great workouts to try at home, that are effective and easy to follow.

wild workout wednesday

I’m calling this, Bear With Me Baby!!

20 mins workout:

USB rotational lunge
USB snatch
USB deadlift
USB bearhug squat
Kettlebell snatch

10 reps each – continue in round for 20 mins.

As usual, if you have any questions, please let me know!

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