Bottoms Up Complex

consisting of many different and connected parts.

One of the most challenging movements that my clients seem to have is performing the clean to fist with ease. The power for the clean comes directly from the hip hinge, so the first exercise we work on together is the deadlift. Once we are at the stage where my client understands the purpose of the hip hinge to generate force the other exercises we perform make more sense.

The next icky-sticky point we stumble across is making sure the bag lands directly on top of the fists. I have thousands of different cues for this, with the hope that one of these cues resonates with my client – but over the past year, I have found that getting them to perform a high pull making the bag as light as possible at the top of the movement, makes driving the elbows back and catching the bag on their fists so much easier.

This is where my Bottoms Up Complex orginates from. You will see that we really do work from the ground up finishing with an overhead press in a sprinters stance.

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A complex requires you to perform a series of 1 rep exercises with the same piece of equipment without putting the bag down. In this case my complex consists of 6 movements performed one after another to = 1 REP. Try to perform this for 7 reps without rest.


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Here you see my client Christina, perform her 2nd set of 7 reps with a 40lb Strength Bag. I might also add that Christina is a new mother of an 8 month old baby! Incredible right!!

As a warm-up, grab a smaller size bag and individually work on each exercise for 3-4 reps to ensure your technique is spot on, before moving to your bigger size sandbag for the complex workout.

As usual, be safe, enjoy and have a great workout!!



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  1. This looks awesome! I’ve put the USB on my birthday wish list, so *hopefully* will be getting one next month 🙂 I’ve been intrigued by these DVRT workouts for months now!

    1. I hope you get one too. I have been training for over 20 years and by far this is the most comprehensive tool I have come across. Keep us posted!!

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