Fall into Fall Layers with Fabletics

I have lived in Toronto for over 12 years now, and I still call this season, Autumn!  It seems that there are some parts of my English heritage I just can’t leave behind.  I happens to be one of my favourite seasons, because I get to wear my woolly jumpers (translation: sweaters. In the Harry Potter books, Mrs. Weasley makes jumpers for her children) and corduroy trousers, I get to wear my wonderful Fluevog boots and endless infinity scarves.  


I recently became a Master Ambassador for Fabletics, and have been trying out some of their new clothing line.  This comes from an unbiased point of view because if I really didn’t like the clothes, then I wouldn’t represent them and I certainly wouldn’t recommend them. But I do, so I shall!

Firstly, the price is very affordable, holy moly, you can get your first outfit for just $25, that’s a top and a bottom piece, not bad at all.  The quality is just great, it’s comparable to Lululemon , yet equally as stylish.  It’s fair to say I am constantly in workout gear, so if I can make it look cool or at least interesting, then I will do it.  You’ve seen that hilarious video about girls who wear workout clothes who don’t workout?

It’s pretty bloody funny, probably because I am that person, with the exception that I DO workout of course! Still it is nice for me to wear real clothes once in a while.

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I love these Labree  pants so much, that I am definitely going to order some more. They retail at $59.99US – but when you join their VIP Program the price reduces to $39.95 US.  So comfy, tres chi, plus I’ve gotten so many compliments about how nice they make my butt look!!  Here I have just teamed them up with my hoodie and a cute little jacket I picked up from the Gap, this was my work uniform for the day. I think it looks quite good, non?  I am all about the layers.  Whether we want to believe it or not, Fall is upon us and it’s all about layering – so tell me, what does your Fall wardrobe look like?




When you sign up for the VIP program with Fabletics, you must remember to ‘skip’ each month, otherwise your bank account will be charged$49.95 for that month to be used towards a purchase of a new outfit.  The benefit of signing up for their VIP program is that you get huge discounts on fabulous clothes, which I highly recommend. Check out their website here!

I took this photo as part of my 45 October Challenge. I created this just for fun to celebrate my upcoming 45th Birthday. Each day I post a new challenge for you to take part it, really it’s just for fun and a great way to try new exercises, recipes and fun lifestyle challenges.

Are you taking part already?



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