Wild Workout Wednesday: DVRT + KB Crazy 8’s Workout

For nearly all of the workouts I create, I make a point of doing them myself first.  I know how to pull a great workout together, but sometimes it’s just good to confirm that the formation and exercise choices really work together.  I loved this challenging session as soon as I tried it, and when I introduced it to my Wednesday morning class, they placed it in there TOP 10 favourite of all time!  WHOOP WHOOP!

I mean check out their happy smiles at the end of the session!


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I call this my Crazy 8’s workout because that’s how many reps you need to remember, with the exception of the kettlebell swing where we increase the reps each round – starting at 15 reps, then in round 2 we do 25 reps, finally in the last round 3 we do 35 reps.  If you manage a 4th round, then you’ve guessed it, yes you do 45 reps.


Here is the workout with my lovely mug hanging out behind it.



All you need to do now is grab your medium weighted kettlebell and sandbag, then follow the workout below. Aim for 3 rounds, if you really want to be challenged then you can do 4 rounds max. This really is a wicked core challenge, with some super metabolic conditioning thrown in.  Another bonus is that this is a super quick session – it should only take you 20 mins to complete.



Remember to warm-up, cool down and stay hydrated.

Would love to know how much you enjoyed this workout, so please leave your comments below!


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