Wild Workout Wednesday: DVRT Tempo Workout

It’s beautiful here in Toronto, with a seasonally balmy 18C (which translates to 65 F for you guys south of the border).

Taking advantage of this, I nipped into my backyard for a wicked little DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Workout, playing around with tempo, as I will explain later.  Now luckily I have a number of sandbags at my disposal, and if you just have one size, then you can easily adapt this workout.  For this session I picked up my power bag which weights 30lbs and my strength bag which weights 40lbs, bearing in mind that the weight is only one factor here, the dimensions of these bags are so vastly different that I am not merely doubling my weight, I am playing with variability of stability and size of bag too.

There is a phrase by Thomas Myers, that I really like; “if you can do it slowly you can do it quickly, but just because you can do it quickly, doesn’t mean you can do it slowly” And it’s true. Try this workout and see what I mean. Slowing things down is hard!

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Power Circuit

Speed and Agility:  do 5 reps of each exercise with the power bag in a circuit style, no rest between exercises.  The tempo you are going to use should be 1-0-1 (which means lift for 1 sec, hold for zero seconds, lower for 1 sec).

At the end of the circuit, move onto the strength bag for the next round, taking a little rest as possible.

Strength Circuit

Strength and Endurance:  now perform 1 rep of all 6 exercises, but you must slow the tempo down to 5-1-5.  You basically are looking to let your body understand how to work under tension, which in turn will help with muscle endurance.  (the exception exercise here is the High Pull – perform at normal tempo).

This is one full round. Now rest for 1 minute and repeat for a total of 4 rounds.



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