DVRT BFF Adventures – Episode 1

Welcome to the very first episode of a monthly blog that I am co-hosting with my DVRT BFF from Pennsylvania, Michele Meinville Decerio. She is the owner of a fabulous gym called M Fitness For Life. We nearly 2 years ago when we both attended the Level 1 + 2 DVRT certification in NYC, and we hit it off straight away. After attending the first DVRT Masters Summit in Arizona in 2014, we became firm friends and knew that we should keep each other accountable and help each other with our mutual businesses.  So we now have a  monthly Skype chat, and have decided that we would start publishing some of the questions that we raise during these conversations and hopefully give you all some useful solutions to some common problems. We also want to show you that even though we are serious about fitness, we do have a lighter side, so hope you find some fun and enjoyment in our monthly posts.

DVRT BFF Adventures (1)


This week I recieved an email from Shelly (as I affectionately call her) declaring, in horror, that she has a Christmas function coming up, and may have to wear SPANX to fit into that LBD (little black dress for those not in the know!) and was there anything that I could suggest she do to help her out of this predicatment.

My solution was multi-faceted, as is most solutions.

Firstly, there is nothing wrong with wearing SPANX, and it can be a huge confidence booster to women determined to look fabulous on their big night out.

Secondly, Michele already looks fabulous, she comes from a great gene pool (seriously, I should post a photo of her brother here!)

And lastly, because it is the season of merriment, I think people should enjoy this time without guilt or remorse. It is ok to indulge, and I am not one of those narrow-minded people that believe home-baked goods and copious amounts of alcohol are not going to pass people lips. If you keep your eye on other goals like keeping hydrated, adequate sleep, moving well and keeping your stress down, then your indulgences are going to be easier to reign back in once the festivities subside.

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Bearing all this in mind, I thought I would provide Michele with a wee workout that she can do in around 25 mins to make her look and feel like a goddess.

LBD Goddess Workout

Equipment required:

Ultimate Sandbag (of course, we are DVRT Masters after all!) – here I am using a core bag.
pull-up bar

Format – pyramid

first round 8 reps
second round 10 reps
third round 12 reps
fourth round 10 reps
last round 8 reps


Lateral Bag Pulls or Broken Plank Bag Pulls
by bending the knees and tucking under the knees you will engage the transverse wall and get a deeper level of core activation
MAX Lunge with Around-The-World
as well as being a multi-planar, anti-rotational, functional movement exericise, this one is just damn SEXY too
Single Arm Kettlebell Swings
use a moderate to heavy weight bell either alternating arms or performing all reps on one arm before switching, squeeze your butt actively here – (that should be your mantra in life – keep that butt squeezed)
Single Arm Hangs
You must must must, have a strong activation in your lats, shoulders, serratus and core to allow yourself to hang, if this isn’t happening yet, stick with a double arm hang. Hold this for as along as possible on each side
-rest as required before moving onto the next round.

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So Shelly, give this workout a try, post your results on your facebook page and tell me how fabulous I am for whipping you into shape to squeeze into that party dress.

All our posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram will be tagged #DVRTAdventures – if you try this workout, don’t forget to use this hashtag and tag us too!

So tell me, what are coping strategies are these holidays?

Stay Foxy


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