DVRT BFF Adventures – Episode 3

Welcome back to my monthly blog which I am co-host with my DVRT BFF Michele, owner of M Fitness For Life. Each month we have a Skype conversation to discuss current issues or problems we encounter in our jobs, and come up with useful solutions, which we talk about in this post.  We also want to show you that even though we are serious about fitness, we do have a lighter side, so hope you find some fun and enjoyment in our monthly posts.

Did you catch Episode 2 with Michele?  She was frustrated with her ‘Holiday Fluff’ – and came up with a great way to re-frame her approach to post-holiday indulgence and also provided us with a wicked little workout to try. Head over there!

In our conversation at the beginning of the year, Shelly (my name for her!) came up with a complex question; “I have a new client who has degeneration from C4-C7, with a bone spur and also major inflammation at C5.  She doesn’t want to have surgery. Has put on weight because she can’t workout without hurting herself.  How do you think DVRT can help her?”

Michele consulted with another DVRT Master Trainer,  Joe Chalakee and myself,  together we came up with a solution that was multi-faceted, as is most solutions. Joe brought a lot of insight to the problem after suffering from something similar himself in the past, and using his expertise as a trainer and from his own personal rehabilitation, a plan was formed.

Michele had spent time discussing all the issues with the client, and received clearance from her medical team (which you should always get if you are injured!) and determined that they would work to strengthen her core and back with a lot of restorative movements, with a view to releasing and gaining movement back through her levators, and traps (the neck area) which seem to be most effected.  Bearing in mind she could only use light weights, with no overhead movements.

A program was developed using both the Ultimate Sandbags and TRX.  Michele found that the sandbags were a huge advantage for her as the bag allows so many movements that increase the effectiveness of the movement without having to go up in weight, think changing holding positions or foot positions, all of this without it affecting her neck.
Some of the exercises Michele implemented included; Bear Hug  or Bucket Hold Squats, Front Loaded Good Mornings, Side Planks and Single Leg Bridges with Chops. All movements require control, stability and help increase range of motion in a safe and effective manner.  
The client recently went back to visit her doctors for an epidural and was told that although she was slightly inflamed, he’s never seen her inflammation so little and told her to keep doing what she’s doing!  In addition to this she is gaining strength faster all without straining her neck.  It is a real testament to the effectiveness of the DVRT system for real life situations.
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It’s a wonderful story, and Michele is very proud of her client’s achievements.  Here is a sample of the workout, try it and let us know what you think!

Authentic Intentional Strength Workout


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Stay Fit as Foxes!


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  1. Such a great story! Its awesome that were able to come up with this together in a way that has forever changed a life or even lives for you and “Shelly!” Cheers!

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