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I have just landed back in Toronto, after one of the best holiday adventures in Japan with my husband and two boys.  A big part of our family’s life is devoted to travel. My husband and I were avid backpackers in our 20’s and we just love absorbing ourselves in other countries culture and traditions.  We have fed this down to our children, and now we all just love choosing the next country of destination together. This around time Japan won and we all just loved it, what a wonderful country it is – seriously North America and Europe could learn so much from how smoothly this vastly populated country operates.

While I was cruising around this country, I left my poor clients to fend for themselves, though I did leave them homework in the form of workouts they could do at home.  In addition to this, I filmed a quick and effective descending ladder workout of just 3 DVRT moves that will move that body in all the spirals, load the moves on all different planes of motion and raise that heart-rate through the roof.

I wrote this workout to be used with a 20lb core bag, as I know this is a popular bag with my followers, and honestly it had me sweating buckets, and completely energised for the whole day. This workout really is the best start to your Easter Monday, as it really only takes 20 mins.

Working in a descending ladder perform 12 reps of all exercises, then 10, 8, 6, 4, 2.

It looks like this; A-T-W Right  (12 reps), MAX Lunge (12 each leg), High Pull (12 reps), A-T-W Left (12 reps) rest then repeat for 10 reps all, 8 reps etc.

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Don’t forget that this Saturday 2nd April, I will hold the first DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Workshop in Toronto.  I am very excited to do this and know this will be the start of many more to come. There are still a few spots available, so if you are interested in joining me, then please head over to the Ultimate Sandbag Training website and book your spot.



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