My Favourite Things.

August has arrived, and for me that means a whole month off to spend time with my family. It’s a time for me to recharge my own batteries, to plan for the Fitness New Year (September) and to get up to date on all my paperwork!

I am spending August in Bonny Scotland, the birthplace of my husband, where I feel very much at home myself and where I love to take advantage of the beautiful countryside with it’s rolling hills and lush green meadows, keeping an eye out for the odd Highland Cow. Watch out for a saturation of posts on my social media accounts!

I also have time to write a few more blog posts than normal, and today’s post is all about my Favourite Things! Hope you find them useful.



My good friend and follow DVRT Master Trainer, Annmarie Litcesse, of the Fit Food Mamma, has just produced her very first workout program, geared specifically towards busy working Moms,  just like Annmarie.  As many of my readers can attest too, it’s so hard to find the time to workout when you have little kids. We usually put everybody else before ourselves, and as a result our fitness intentions go out of the window. Well,  Annmarie has a solution for you,  she has pulled together over 50 exercises into 16 workouts all using the Ultimate Sandbag and body-weight exercises.  In addition to this, you get an e-book of 15 recipes – that range from breakfast all the way to dessert helping you stay on track while eating the comfort food you crave!

The workout program and recipe bundle is currently available for $24.99 which is an absolute steal in my opinion.

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I love to cook, it’s one of the few things that comes easily to me (probably growing up with a Mother who was a chef) but it’s also an outlet for me to be creative, to try something new and to relax (I find it a kind of meditation).  When a good friend asked if I wanted to try Hello Fresh, a company who deliver pre-measured ingredients for you to prepare some amazing recipes created by their own chefs, I was a little reluctant, but though why not!!

I ordered the family box which provided me with 3 meals for a family of 4 (so 12 platefuls in total) – the usual cost being $99 for this package.  All of the ingredients come ready prepared, chopped, diced, minced and a recipe card is included to show you how to prep the meal. All meals take less than 30 mins to prepare and are simple enough that I actually got my kids to make one of them.
And I was SO impressed with the quality of the meals.  When I prepared the first dish, I never told my family where it came from and they wolfed it down exclaiming how delicious is was.  The meat is locally sourced and without steroids or antibiotics, the veggies, where possible, are locally sourced too, as it is their mission to  build close relationships with small farmers, butchers, fish mongers and fellow culinary enthusiasts to ensure that only the best ingredients are used.

This is a subscription based service, so you can get the boxes delivered to you on a regular basis. For more information on go to

If you want to try Hello Fresh – then click here and use the code  AMANDA50 to get 50% off your first box.
I don’t receive any favours for this post, I am simply spreading the word for a great product.


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I am often asked by my clients for recommendations of fitness products, it’s a minefield out there on the intra-world, I find it exhausting and it’s my business to know what’s going on. I came across and think it’s just a fabulous resource to keep in your back pocket.

When I was recently trying to find the best yoga mat to buy for my fitness classes, I stumbled across this article on their website, where they put in over 50 hours of research, surveyed over 100 yoga professionals and consulted with “Boston’s 2014 Best Yoga Instructor” – testing out 30 contenders, 9 yoga mats came out tops!

This type of research saves me doing all the donkey-work, and the result for me this time was that I bought one of their recommended mats and couldn’t be happier.

This website is not just about fitness either, check out this extensive list of categories they have already reviewed, the lip-balm is a favourite of mine!

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