Fearless Femme: Deanna Harder

Welcome back to my favourite blog series: Fearless Femme.

Inspired by so many beautiful, strong and empowering women, it’s my mission to showcase them each month to find out what makes these women have the strength to inspire us and themselves each day.

We are starting to build up quite the library of inspiring women, with some exciting interviews to come for the rest of the year.



14569863_10158380117240206_1149648397_nTodays interview is with Deanna Harder.  We first met at the Women’s Fitness Summit 2 years ago, and we have be firm friends every since. Deanna is a personal trainer in Edmonton and has an important presence on social media as a voice of body dysmorphia, eating disorders, body acceptance and now severe hormonal issues, that she shouts about from the rooftops in a bid to let women know it’s OK to talk about these often taboo subjects.

Let’s meet Deanna!!


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