Do You Think Doing The Housework Should Be Considered Exercise?

I was asked this week to contribute to a Global News article on just this subject.   Back in the day, I remember my gran telling me what a toll it was to wash the clothes on her mangle (yes that really is a thing!) and it would take all day to do with no electricity.  Nowadays, we hardly live in an age where housework is considered manual labour, most of the time it’s simply a case of pressing the button on a machine. To me it seems like we are just giving more of an excuses to NOT exercise than ever before.

Check out my contribution to the latest Global News article here

I have updated my YouTube channel with an exercise library that I will be updating on a weekly basis. Head over there if you want some instruction “how to”  and feel free to tell me any exercises you would like to see.  The best way to get the updates is to subscribe to the channel.


This week I will be interviewing Deanna Harder for my Fit n’ Chips Chats Podcast – the link to the podcast will be sent out shortly.  We are talking eating disorders, body image, food and exercise obsession and how to get off the diet roller coaster! Many men and women suffer eating disorders, in a recent study it reported that 62% report body weight negatively impacts their life and 79% report bodyweight affects self-image. It should be an interesting discussion.


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