I’m so excited I might burst! and a round-up of my weekly news.

Do you ever get that feeling that things are finally falling into place? After months of displacement, upheaval, not to mention hurricanes and snow in Texas, I am starting to feel quite settled in my new home.

As for Fit n’ Chips, well big things are happening and I am very excited to share my news with you, but first here is what has been happening this week:

 A few years ago I had quite the wake-up call when I was presenting at a fitness conference and visibly leaked urine all over my pants (look closely and you will see – the horror!)

In this article I discuss my own experience with incontinence (almost a decade after having kiddos!) and I get all the details about incontinence (including what you can do about it!) from Dr. Meryl Alappattu.

==> What’s the Deal with Incontinence? 

I was asked by Prevention magazine to contribute to an article about how perimenopause affects workouts. You have no idea how happy it makes me that major publications are now talking about this very important subject that impacts millions of women on a daily basis!

==> How Perimenopause affects workouts.

Check out the latest podcast with Breaking Muscle where I was interviewed about strategies to surviving menopause and the cool thing about this episode is that the presenter knew nothing about this subject, he literally had his eyes opened and has a new found respect for women and our struggles.

==> Surviving and Thriving Through Menopause Hell


What’s making me want to burst with pride and excitement? Well today I launch my new online coaching program, Menopause Hacks.  This is a 6 month online program that is very unique in it’s approach and so very needed for all women out there from 35 – 105!  I opened a waitlist on Monday, space is fairly limited, and I already have 50 ladies pre-registered. It really just confirms to me that this is a much needed resource.


So what is Menopause Hacks and who is this program for?

Any woman who has started to feel the impact of hormonal changes on her ability to thrive.  Peri-menopause usually starts around the age of 35 and can last for more than a decade, leaving women feeling less than adequate and impacting their quality of life.  Let’s make this quite clear, this program is not offering a cure for the menopause, why would we want that? This is a natural progression in life that can be such a positive experience, yet the symptoms that hit women can make this time of their life a huge struggle.  As frustrating and exhausting as menopause is, there are strategies and evidence-based steps you can take to feel better, get renewed energy and find the right skills for you to survive and thrive.

Space is very limited and I have an early-bird price running until the 15th December, so if you are interested in this program and want to know more click here.

==> Menopause Hacks is open for registration and will close for applications on December 29th.  Space is limited to act now.

If this program isn’t for you, but you do want support and guidance in fitness, nutrition and mindset strategies, then head over to my closed Facebook group, where nearly 600 women gather daily to cackle, chuckle and complain, which can lighten the load for you.

==> Menopausing So Hard


If you have made it to the bottom of this page – then your tea is probably cold, so you should go and get a refill!

Take care and as always please reach out to me if you have any questions, I answer every email.


Much Love





For more information on Menopause Hacks starting January 2018 and to register for early bird pricing, click here.



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  1. Hello,

    Can you tell me if I am too late for Menopause Hacks. If I am not too late, can you tell me what to expect, or if I am too late, please send me some information so I can consider it next time round.

    Thank you.

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