How Much Food Should You Really Eat?

Lots of great information in this weeks blog post.  I am really enjoying my online coaching course, we are working as a group but each women has their own individual goals and it’s great to see the collective enthusiasm from all the participants. This week we were talking about portion size and what an idea plate should look like. This isn’t particularly for weight loss, really it’s just a great visual to have if you want good nutrition and want to start feeling healthy again. Intuitive eating is a means by which you determine what your body needs optimally to achieve your nutritional goals based on guidelines we know work.

The image below is for women and if you want a printable version that you can stick on your fridge at home ==>CLICK HERE<==  




This week on Fit n’ Chips Chat I get to interview the wonderful Krista Scott Dixon (KSD). She is the Director of Curriculum for Precision Nutrition and a global leader in coaching and nutrition. She talks about her own experience with double menopause and how menopause impacts women on an emotional and physical level and why we shouldn’t shame ourselves into believing that fat is a bad thing during menopause. 



Lastly if you are looking for some inspiration for your workouts and want to start introducing plyometrics into your sessions, then head over to my latest article with Ultimate Sandbag Training.  I detail all the areas of focus you need to work on to prepare your body to safely introduce plyometrics. Lots of useful info and videos, so check them out before you  start doing crazy arse box jumps.



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    1. so remember this is just a guide and I really encourage people to be intuitive with their meals. So while I am saying that a thumb size of fats for each meal, if you find that more is better for you, then stick with what works. Glad you like it darling x

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