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It seems that this week I have been involved in lots of small, random things which you may find interesting, so head over to the links if anything peaks your interest!


Global News: Cold shower benefits: Why icy water may be a good idea  for what it’s worth, yes they are good for you, but NO!! I won’t be doing them anytime soon bbbrrrrrr!!

Remember those failed New Year’s resolutions? February is the best time to restart  if you know me by now, you will see that my advise as usual is to start small, look at the big picture and stop with the extremes.

Ultimate Sandbag Workouts for Total Body Conditioning the article includes a very simple, fun ladder based workout I did with the Ultimate Sandbag. Sometimes simplicity is the best.



I was a guest on the Coach Fury podcast recently, we discuss training considerations for women as menopause becomes a reality, my approach to online training, growing into my leadership roll with DVRT, how to stay true to yourself in marketing, growing your tribe and more. Enjoy!  Podcast here <==

I loved having my next guest on my own podcast  and have already had some great feedback from listeners. Kim Acedo is such a strong advocate for female health and wellness, and her philosophy for flourishing as we age is a breath of fresh air.   Podcast here <==


Great Health Now Fitness Summit

You may have seen my previous newsletter about the Great Health Now Fitness Summit. I have been invited to be one of 21 experts  for a complimentary online video summit, where we come together to share our strategies and tools for creating great health, feeling confident in your body, and putting fun back in your life. I think there will be great nuggets you can take from the summit and in addition to the videos, each presenter will have a free gift for you all.

For FREE sign up head over to this link here <==

Fun Stuff

This month, all of the DVRT Master Trainers have banded together to create #DVRTFlowFebruary on Instagram. If you own a sandbag you might want to try some of these flows.  Flows really represent what we ideally want to see in functional fitness. Owning a movement so well that we can learn to transition between movements almost seamlessly. Most everyday and sporting actions require an incredibly complex woven combination of many movement patterns at once, so these are a great addition to your workouts.
Core Sandbag Flow using a smaller sandbag for more complex movements.

Taking It To The Ground by Kaitlyn Evans Master Trainer

Max Capacity this one is a toughy, if you love the MAX lunge, you will love this one.



A few people have reached out to me to find out how to buy an Ultimate Sandbag.  If you are outside of the USA then you need to go to  If you are Stateside, then the link for you to buy them through me is here <==

(full disclosure, this is an affiliate link and I will make some money from any sales made. That’s not such a bad thing is it?)


Much love and chips

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