Hot Flashes Be Gone!

I was recently asked to review some clothing by an innovative new brand, Become™ based out of the UK.  You may recall my interview with Lindsey Robins, Head of Marketing for the company earlier this year, where we spoke about the company’s provactive campaign #HotWomenOnly which got some women hot under the collar and flushed in the cheeks!  The company is ethically branded and employees 90% women – YEAH WOMEN!!   Which makes perfect sense when you are talking about clothing that helps women through one of their most challenging phases of their life.


My hot flushes have subsided naturally, but it is estimated that 75% of women through menopause will experience hot flashes and for some it is really problematic. The experts don’t truly know why we suffer from them, but what we do know is that vasomotor system, which is the part of the brain which controls our blood pressure, is impacted by our drops in estrogen. Women may also suffer from night sweats as well and unless you are on hormone replacement therapy, adopting some strategies to keep cool is your best course of action.

Strategies For Keeping Cool

  • Nutrition: Limit alcohol, caffeine and spicy foods which can make hot flashes worse. If you are overweight, you symptoms could be worse, so look at eating food that will support sane weight loss.
  • Exercise: Movement as medicine. When you exercise, you destress, you raise your endorphins and it helps you relax at bedtime. You know I am pro-movement fan, so do anything that gets you moving a little every day.
  • Sleep in a cool, well ventilated room. Or if out and about, carry a portable fan with you.
  • Stress Management: Meditation, walking outside and focused breathing are just a few of the ways to reduce your stress levels. High stress can make the symptoms more extreme.
  • Turn off the phone! At bed time, focus on doing proactive things that make you feel relaxed and sleepy, which might include herbal tea, a netflix session with the hubby or some cheeky sex.  Watching YouTube and scrolling through you Instagram feed is not going to help you fall asleep.
  • Wear cool, layered, breathable clothing like Become™

Wearing my Become vest to keep cool in the warm Houston climate.



Become’s anti flush clothing is designed by women, for women. Their fabric uses patent pending technology to absorb and store the heat from the surface of the skin during a hot flush, then releases it back during the chill that follows. The fabric is, as Julia explained, light, silky and cool against your skin. It also helps maintain a stable body temperature, throughout the day and night. You can read more about the science of staying cool here.

The Become™ range is small consisting of vests and knickers which you can purchase individually or in sets. If, like Julia, you suffer from night sweats and would like to give Become™ clothing a try, take advantage of this special Fit n’ Chips offer:

10% off Become underwear with the code AMANDA10 at checkout.

Click here to go straight through to the website.

Disclaimer: This isn’t a sponsored post and I don’t receive any payment for purchases made.

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