Be The Little Engine That Could!

Did you check-in with yourself today before your workout?

It’s sometimes referred to as  bio-feedback, but that’s just a fancy schmancy way of asking yourself if you feel ready for your workout.

You might have a schedule that you’re determined to stick to but your body is telling you something different. Is today one of those days where you should push through or scale back?

Pushing too hard isn’t a great way to treat yourself, unless you want to burnout. Pushing yourself just enough, so that you challenge but don’t hurt the body is what you’re looking for.

This is exactly what Paige and I discuss on the podcast today!

So here’s some things to ask yourself before you start;

😥😠 How’s your stress level? If you’ve got oodles and oodles of cortisol running through your body, should you really create more through an intense workout?

💤🛌 Did you get enough rest the night before? Are you exhausted?

🏋️💪 Are you so exhausted from your previous workout that you haven’t fully recovered?

💦🌮 Food and drink! Did you nourish your body adequately.

Find your “Goldilocks” zone in your workouts and make adjustments where necessary
➡️ Replace workout with a mobility/yoga session to aid recovery.
➡️ Go for a walk or other low intensity activity
➡️ Do less sets, less weight or overall less time in your workout.
Listen to your body and make adjustments where needed. Menopause requires you to recover more and be more flexible in general.
Do something, your body will thank you.

Paige Fleischmann is a personal trainer and DVRT Master Trainer with Ultimate Sandbag. A long time friend of mine, an old soul in a young body and a total fireball. Paige talks about how she focuses her sessions with her clients by asking them to do a check-in and decide exactly what their body needs from their sessions, maybe it’s weights, maybe it’s yoga, but it’s all dependant on their sleep quality, mood, how their body feels on a physical and emotional level. This is such an interesting chat that I know will leave you feeling inspired and ready to move.

Find Paige at her website and on Instagram @ultimate_lady_badass


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