Benefits of Using Lubricants During Menopause

On the podcast this week, I chat with Nicky Gaylor, marketing director of Sylk vaginal lubricant.  Today on the show we are discussing vaginas (again!), women’s sexual health and why we should be changing the conversation around using lubricants.

The stats are staggering, in menopause 80% of women will get vaginal atrophy (VA) with only a third will consider discussing this with their doctors.  This is such a pity because once VA is recognised you can start making some changes to see improvement, and a naturally occurring vaginal lubricant/moisturizer is part of the solution.  Unfortunately, VA is the one symptom of menopause that will not disappear, unless you get treatment, think about that, you potentially have one third of your life post-menopause.

Education is part of Nicky’s mission. During menopause your pH levels in the vagina will change which means we are more open to infections, dryness and other conditions. Therefore it’s more important than ever to find a water-based, paraben-free and perfume-free product that won’t add to your irritation. For example, products like KY Jelly do not fit any of this criteria and really should be avoided at all costs.

Many women also report avoiding getting a PAP smears or being afraid as it can be very painful. Some topical estrogen prior to the examination along with some lubricant and remove the pain and make you feel more comfortable, so don’t be afraid to ask your nurse practitioner for this.

Sex and intimacy is the mainstay of our relationships, and it’s also good for your mental and physical health.  Nicky tells us that frequent sex can also lead to improvements with VA as blood will rush to the tissues of that area, improving the integrity. During our sex talk, I get very personal, and admit I had some issues with libido and dryness myself (I almost snapped off my husband’s penis #truestory) And this isn’t uncommon, mid-life see us being so busy that we have very little time or energy for sex and then with our crazy hormones we see our libido take a nosedive. BLAH! It’s confusing and women do not know what is going on, but there are things a woman can do to take charge of their sex life:

  • Use lube which is pH balanced and contains few added ingredients.
  • Talk to your partner and be frank about your issues (libido or dryness)
  • Experimenting with foreplay, toys, etc
  • Date nights.  Rebuild your intimacy outside of sex.

Fun fact! May is National Masturbation Month (WHO KNEW!!) and Sylk are currently running a campaign to remove the stigma that still exists around female self pleasure and encouraging women to prioritise their sexual needs. Go and check it out:

Nicky is the Director of Sylk, and has over 12 years experience working in advertising at top London agencies including Triangle and Billington Cartmell (now Hey Human). Nicky has a real understanding of the health issues that women face as they age and is passionate about making Sylk an accessible solution for women who are suffering with vaginal dryness. She has a huge interest in driving awareness of the menopause and products that can help make a real difference to a woman’s quality of life.

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