4 Practices That Will Help You Improve Your Health & Set You Free From Diet Prison

guest article by Courtney Townley, Grit & Grace

We are living at a time when there is no shortage of information at our disposal for how we could be taking better care of ourselves.  

Truth be told, I have NEVER met a woman who didn’t know at least a few things she could be doing to improve her health story.  

The problem with improving health is rarely a case of not knowing what to do, but rather not doing those things CONSISTENTLY.

In other words, there is a very wide gap between KNOWING and DOING for most women.

I bet you know your body would benefit from drinking more water?

You’ve probably heard about the benefits of exercise?

I bet you’ve read an article or 10 about the value of things like getting enough sleep, eating whole foods, and the power of developing a growth mindset?

Your biggest obstacle to creating sustainable results is, very likely, a lack of CONSISTENCY with the behaviors that you know will nourish your health.   

When you fail to be consistent, you don’t feel so hot and, eventually, you start to get desperate to feel better and that is when you reach for what I refer to as the “Hail Mary” approaches.  The things that will get you to feel better fast, but are so drastic in measure, you will fail to maintain them.


You don’t need a fancy protocol or get thin quick scheme, you simply need to learn how to be consistent with the basic tenets of healthy living. #truestory

So what are the basic tenants?

  1. Hydrate.
  2. Get enough sleep/recovery.
  3. Eat real food.
  4. Move your body often and much.
  5. Manage your mindset.

How do you learn to become CONSISTENT with those tenants?

Well, of course, everyone has different challenges with consistency, but the 4 practices I teach my clients that make a profound difference in their ability to show up for themselves are:

The Practice of Self-Awareness.

You must become hyper-aware of the habits you currently have that are not promoting health, but in fact, robbing you of it.  

This should not be an exercise in judgment, but one of curiosity.  

Once you have identified where exactly you can do better, you can more easily create a sensible and, above all, a sustainable pathway for helping you to practice more things that nourish your health, so you have less time and desire to engage with the habits that deplete it.  

Be willing to get to know your behaviors, intimately.

The Practice of Organizing Yourself For Success.

You got to where you are by reacting with habits that aren’t helping you to be healthier.

To get out of reaction mode and into a place of proactive choice, you MUST make a plan for how you will do better.  

Many women resist planning their self-care, telling themselves that it is “too hard”, but the reality is, planning isn’t hard, it is just uncomfortable (which is why most women don’t do it).  

Be willing to get uncomfortable.

The Practice of Follow Through.

You might create time to take better care of yourself, maybe you even have made a plan for how you will specifically do it but none of that will matter if you negotiate, rationalize and compromise out of the work.  

One of the biggest reasons I see women not following through with their plans is because they haven’t learned to manage their thinking.

Be willing to get curious about why you aren’t following through with certain behaviors.

The Practice of Realignment.

Progress is NOT linear. 

If you’re learning, then you’re also making some mistakes. The work here is to learn from those mistakes without judgment and to stop focusing on perfection as the linchpin to progress.   

A good coach or trainer can teach you skills that will help you shift your mindset so you can quickly realign yourself when you find yourself slipping back into old habits, and help you gracefully pivot when life throws you a curveball and you find yourself unable to maintain your self-care routine. 

Be willing to ask for help:)

Want a few more tips on how to take better care of yourself with more ease and grace?

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