The Doctors TV Show
Fitness trainer Amanda Thebe, and author of “Menopocalypse: How I learned to Thrive During Menopause and How You Can Too,” joins Dr. Ian Smith to share about why talking about menopause should be more commonplace. Amanda says that she was tired of hearing what was wrong with her and she wants to help women focus on what they can do to feel connected to each other through this process.

Global TV

The Morning Show sharing tips on managing the symptoms of menopause.

CTV News Calgary morning show

Discusses Menopocalypse and strength training

Modern Aging – Holistic Health and Wealth After 45 What is Perimenopause? Menopause Symptoms and Latest Treatments


The Guardian

“I want to share my midlife fitness revelation’: how getting fit in your 40s can help you thrive

The Telegraph Stella Magazine

For two years, Amanda Thebe feared she had a mystery illness – but in fact was perimenopausal.

The Menopause Knocked Me Sideways – Here’s How I Learnt to Thrive Again

50 SenseBook Review of Menopocalypse
Grit and SoulHow I Became a Menopause Warrior


Listen to Amanda discuss Menopocalypse on these podcasts.

You can pick up your copy of Menopocalypse here.