As you know, I cannot give out menopause medical advice (not a doctor!) but I can point you in the right direction. I have created this directory to help you find a health care provider who specialises in menopause and resources to keep you informed. If you have any other questions, please reach out to me at [email protected]


North American Menopause Society – Find a Provider (valid for Canada too)
Gennev– Telehealth consultations with a menopause specialist: use the code AMANDATHEBE for 15% off
Dr Heather Hirsch – Harvard Menopause Specialist with a great YouTube channel.
FDA Approved Regulated HRT – includes regulated bioidentical hormones
FDA Stance on Compounded Hormones and Pellets
NAMS Stance on HRT – YouTube Video of current hormone treatment guidelines for midlife women


HRT Prescribing Guidelines for Canada
Hormone Therapies Available in Canada


The British Menopause Society – UK Find a Provider
Menopause Support – website created by Diane Danzebrink founder of the #MakeMenopauseMatter campaign
Menopause Support Symptom Checker – fill this in before visiting your doctor.
Dr Naomi Potter – Specialist in menopause care, includes free resources.
Newson Health – Dr Louise Newson UK Menopause Expert. Lots of free guidance about your menopause management options.
Gen M – all UK menopause resources in one place.
Breast Cancer Risks – from the BMS understanding your breast cancer risks. A reassuring read.
British Prescribing Guidelines for GPS he 2015 NICE guidance for oestrogens and progestogens used in HRT
Surgical Menopause – a patient led, fact based resource for surgical menopause

Rest of the World

International Menopause Society publications and resources
Australian Menopause Society
– Australia Find a Provider


Menopocalypse – my book is chocka full of great resources and information.
Estrogen Matters – a reassuring read into the research of estrogen therapy
Menopause Manifesto – written by world renowned OB/GYN Dr Jen Gunter
Menopause Concise Manual – Dr Louise Newson
The Complete Guide To Menopause – Dr Annice Mukherjee one of the UKs top endocrinologists