Christopher Kelly, Realtor

It was a simple summer photo. Captured “mid jump” off a cottage dock, I was about to make a bigger splash than I was ready to accept. Photographic proof that my self guided gym routine was not working. I was ready for change, and open to guidance. Amanda came highly recommended through a friend who had recently discovered her summer boot-camp sessions. Ready for change, I signed up immediately and now attend her small group training classes.

Amanda structures her classes to be both challenging and fun. Each class, different muscles are put to the test. With a gentle wink, Amanda encourages you to do your best, but to strive to improve your previous results. I committed to 3 sessions a week, cancelled my gym membership and have seen a noticeable body change through Amanda’s guidance. I look forward to each class with Amanda, and I am always curious to discover what routine she has imagined. I have NEVER made the excuse “not today” to attend. I highly recommend (and do) Amanda’s Fit n’ Chips.

Paola Giavendoni, Owner of The Candy Bar, Toronto

Amanda has the unique ability to create empowering and fun, strength and training sessions that focus on the power that each individual has within them. From the first swing of the kettle bell to the last stretch and exhale, each workout brings my focus back to my strength, body and mind as one pretty awesome machine!

John Dondertman, Production Designer

I road bike and play hockey for fun and fitness, what was missing in my routine was help with my power and flexibility. Amanda runs an awesome class that is a full body workout with a focus on core strength. The sessions are great fun, interesting, and informative. I don’t think you will find a better fitness class anywhere. “Fit and Chips” gets my 2 thumbs up!

Amanda Johnson, Sommelier

I have been working out with Amanda for the last 6 years.  I was a runner for 20 years prior to that (still am) but something was missing.  My running wasn’t improving, I was trying to get my mid-region back after a number of kids but still my body shape stayed the same whilst running at least 30km’s a week and I couldn’t work out why.  Then Amanda took me on board.
Amanda has an expert depth of knowledge in exercise and nutrition that she brings to the table which enhances all aspects of fitness and wellbeing.  When we started  she developed a personalised program that challenged and inspired me to improve continuosly.  Not only did I get fitter and faster from working out without increasing any running but the workouts also managed to work on my all over tone and alleviate my boredom with exercise substantially.  Amanda’s workouts are fun, challenging  and she tailors the workouts for what you want to achieve, be it super challenging or just trying to get off the couch and get fit.   Aside from that she is amazingly patient, funny and informed so you know you can trust and learn from what she is teaching.

Hartley Gorenstein, Producer

When Amanda started doing lunch hour work out with our crew, we immediately saw how beneficial this was going to be on many levels. Not only was the crew grateful for a healthy distraction after sitting on set for hours, but we found everyone to be energized, more focused for the rest of the day and always looking forward to the next session. The workouts were easy to follow, and allowed those with varying levels of fitness, to participate. What started as a one time thing, carried on throughout the production. I’ll definitely be adding Amanda’s workout to all future productions.

Tiffany Babiak, Badass Mother of 2 Badass Kids!

Amanda’s enthusiasm, positive energy and constant encouragement are amazing to be in the presence of. I truly have fun in her classes and I cannot say that about many boot camps I have attended! She makes you want to work out. And I never really want to work out. Her amazing outlook on life is infectious. She is just a pleasure to be around. And if my butt gets tighter because of it, then bonus!

Jane Clapp, Owner of Urbanfitt

Amanda Thebe is a force of nature bringing diverse experience in fitness and nutrition to her work with clients. She helps keep me inspired in my own work as she constantly stays in touch with new research and fitness trends. Never one to back down from a challenge, Amanda paves the way for her clients to see what they are capable of and ensures they get 110% of her care and focus.

I would recommend Amanda to anyone!

Daniel, Consultant, Entrepreneur, Professor, Astronaut

Amanda has worked with me as a personal trainer for a couple of years now, on and off. I can’t say enough good things about her and her approach. Amanda worked with me to develop programs that are specifically designed to my needs. I’m on the road a lot and Amanda designed workouts that are effective when traveling as well as the more traditional programs. Every time, there are clear goals built in so it’s easy to stay on track and to know if you get off track. Having her as a personal trainer is fantastic. She’s enthusiastic and encouraging and willing to push you hard if you need it. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Wendy Katherine

I love the variety of challenges in Amanda’s classes and feel safe pushing my limits under her knowledgeable direction.
She’s so hilarious, I laugh my way through and then feel great afterwards!

I would recommend Amanda to anyone!

Stuart Lochray, Investment Banker

Over the last few years Amanda has been a fantastic coach for me, who has made fitness a core part of my lifestyle. Five years ago she devised a personalised fitness and nutrition program to help me drop my weight by 15% and keep it off. More recently she developed a program for me to enhance my performance at an endurance sport. The plan brought together strength work outside of the typical endurance training as well as nutritional advice both for getting my body ready for competition and, just as important, recovery post competition. I find her advice invaluable as she uses not just her own knowledge but that of her deep network to ensure that you get a program tailored to your individual needs. I really feel Amanda goes the extra mile to make sure you fulfil your own personal goals.

Sara Angel, Visual Arts Journalist, Art Historian and Mother of 3

I’ve never really thought of fitness as fun, but that’s what Amanda makes it. Her enthusiasm, energy, and excitement are infectious and she is a pure joy to be around. No one does exercise better than her or makes it so pain-free.

Jane McGrath, School Teacher & Mother of 3

I first heard of Amanda from a friend who had said that Amanda had totally changed her body. I had just had my third, and last, baby and was keen to get back into shape. So, Amanda and I met and we went through a workout together. That was five years ago and I can say that she has changed my body as well. My core is stronger, I have definition in my abdominals which is amazing to me after three pregnancies. My shoulders and arms are more defined as well. I started not knowing what a burpee was, or even a plank for that matter, I can now do both with ease. I have stronger muscles and a better knowledge of my body thanks to Amanda. She is patient, kind and knowledgeable and I trust her. I am so glad I started working out with her five years ago- never looked back.

Randy Mauskopf, Sales and Marketing

Amanda is amazing. I had asked for her help, knowing that I had to contend with a knee issue; she responded with several excellent and varied programs that are helping me build on my strengths, while being very mindful of the areas with which I need to be more careful. And in
addition to training, she’s offered me unique and informed approaches to nutrition. Having worked with several trainers in the past, Amanda has emerged as the most thoughtful and knowledgeable; I highly recommend working with her.

Sharyn McMahon, Production Accountant

Amanda’s passion for fitness is infectious. Not only does she make you feel capable of achieving your goals, but she makes it all less daunting with her positive, encouraging approach. Her experience in a variety of fitness practices gives you plenty of options to mix things up.