What does taking up space mean to you?

This week on my podcast I speak with Steph Gaudreau, published author and strength and nutrition guru. Her eagerly awaited book, The Core 4: Embrace Your Body, Own Your Power, is due for release on 30th July and on the show we discuss the 4 Pillars she coaches her clients to allow them to live a healthy and joyful life. … Read More

Lost Your Mojo? Let Lisa Help You Find It!

Creating a positive mindset and finding exercise motivation can be really hard, especially as we get older. In fact during perimenopause women can feel like they may never be motivated again! I hear this ALL THE TIME. Well do not fear, on this weeks episode I speak with Dr. Lisa Lewis a licensed psychologist and her jam is helping YOU … Read More

Dr Stacy Sims Talks Menopause

When Dr Stacy Sims agreed to come on my podcast I was over the moon, what a treat. My copy of her legendary book, ROAR is almost worn thin. It’s a book I recommend to every female athlete and a valuable source of information through all stages of our life. And her research on menopause is especially interesting to me … Read More


Katarina Wilk is my guest on the podcast this week. She is a health and medicine journalist who is the author of the fantastic book, Perimenopower. Frustrated as many women are through perimenopause about the lack of factual and easy to find information, she used her extensive background in scientific research to create the book. Katarina combines facts with personal … Read More

Are Your Challenging Yourself Enough?

“To see progress, you have to be comfortable with being uncomfortable.” If you want to get bigger, stronger, fitter, more powerful, leaner, faster, (name your adjective) then your body needs to be challenged enough to make those changes. My simply going through the motion in your workouts, even if you are doing them consistently, you really won’t see any changes … Read More

5 reasons to start exercising in menopause

If you are struggling with menopause symptoms, the last thing you probably want to do is exercise, yet every day movement can make you feel more capable of getting through the worst of your symptoms and put you somewhat in control again. Humans are more sedentary than ever. Think about a typical day for most people: lying in bed, driving … Read More

5 Reasons You Should Side Plank

I think the side plank is one of the best exercises you’re not doing! You know they exist but maybe you forget to program them in workouts. Most trainer who make their clients do them, often get a collective “groan” because these babies are really hard! Benefits You will strengthen muscles that you don’t use everyday.  It’s OK to focus … Read More

Hot Flashes Be Gone!

I was recently asked to review some clothing by an innovative new brand, Become™ based out of the UK.  You may recall my interview with Lindsey Robins, Head of Marketing for the company earlier this year, where we spoke about the company’s provactive campaign #HotWomenOnly which got some women hot under the collar and flushed in the cheeks!  The company is … Read More

Keep Your Cool With Cucumber Clothing.

I recently sat down with the founders of Cucumber Clothing, Eileen and Nancy to discuss their revolutionary new line of clothing that is not only beautiful and stylish, but has a really neat solution for women with hormonal fluctuation post-pregnancy and through menopause. You can listen to the full podcast here, and don’t forget to scroll to the bottom to … Read More